10.18.15 Faith & Deeds

James 2:14-19

Trademarks of a dead faith

  1. empty confession
  2. shallow compassion
  3. worthless conviction
  • there is a type of faith in Jesus that does not save you
  • talk is cheap –> prove you have faith through action
  • Acts 8 (read this)
  • many people believe in Jesus, but not to the point of salvation
  • faith alone is not saving faith
  • true faith must produce works
  • the problem with faith today is that it is too easy –> the way is WIDE
  • we package Christianity in a modern/beautiful/hipster way to attract people of THIS society today –> but Christianity does not go by the day’s standards; it goes by Christ’s standards
  • we live in a day where we do good to be seen
  • your true compassion is what you do to someone in need when NO ONE is looking
  • as long as you claim to have faith but have nothing to show it, you are a LIAR
  • legalism–it’s all your doing to get to heaven
  • antinomianism–there’s nothing you have to do because you have received it all
    • Christian liberty: you can do whatever you want, because God will always forgive you and accept you
  • we are saved by grace alone
  • true faith begins to depict the way we live
  • true faith begins to produce works
  • what we believe ought to shape our lifestyle

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