Part Two | 04.10.16

  • start setting my mind on the things above
  • Colossians 3:5-11 (Put On the New Self)
  • unless we experience Christ, we cannot face sin
  • the second we take our eyes off Christ, we will move in all directions
  • even after we experience sin and fall -> EYES ON CHRIST
  • even after we experience victory -> EYES ON CHRIST
  • past, process, overflow
  • don’t try to manage your sin; KEEP YOUR EYES ON CHRIST
  • when we don’t see in Christ, we can only see the pleasures of our sin
  • you cannot worship if you cannot surrender your heart
  • we struggle with sin because we are in this “unformed” state
  • seeing as nagging vs. recognizing the value of the warning
  • read 5:11 only through the context of v.1-4
  • this is not a call for legalism or asceticism
  • it’s a call to enjoy the gifts of Christ and never want to look back
  • idolatry is the counterpart of worship
  • whenever evil gets casted out of you, you need to fill that void with worship of the true God (because we will need a replacement before the sin comes back stronger than ever)
  • sin cannot survive on its own -> it is a leech, it needs a human to live (our hearts)
  • unless we are not enlightened about the power of God, we will not activate
  • put on my new self so I can become a blessing to those around me

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