11.08.15 Taming the Tongue

James 3:1-12

#1 Power of the tongue

  • the tongue has enormous power to control and dictate our lives
  • not many of us should become teachers because what we say can influence others

#2 Peril of the tongue

  • powerful and evil (names like Hitler, Stalin and bin Laden come to mind)
  • yet each and every one of us possess a powerful and evil thing in our mouths
  • our tongue can ruin someone’s life

#3 Purpose of the tongue

  • James was talking to people who called themselves Christians
  • James was providing an example of a true Christian to measure ourselves up to
  • actions represent the faith you have; in addition, your speech should represent the faith you have
  • James is saying that all of this is a heart issue (words reflect what is in our hearts)

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