Fighting the Good Fight | 02.14.16

Standing Strong

Nehemiah 4:10-14

  • remember the Lord who is great and awesome
  • acknowledge that you have weak areas (but it is foolish to not protect it from Satan)
  • obey spiritual authority (this is a weapon)
  • if we don’t know how to submit to our parents’ authority, there is NO WAY we will learn how to submit to God’s authority when we grow older

Nehemiah 4:15-23

#1 equip yourself with weapons (the Word of God0

  • memorize verses to keep close to your heart
  • spiritual death is caused by distancing ourselves from our dependency on God

#2 Join with others in battle

  • find an accountability partner/group

#3 Recognize that God will fight the battle

  • peace in our hearts

#4 Be ready

Nehemiah 6:1-4

  • distraction is a tactic from Satan
  • Satan knows no two people are alike
  • distractions cause us to lose our first love
  • our weapon against distraction is single-mindedness (pursuit after God)

James 1:22 –> be doers of the Word, not just listeners

Nehemiah 6:5-9

  • tactics of persistence and lies (Satan)
  • recognize the lies and do not be afraid
  • lies: God cannot forgive us for our sins; God will not punish us for our sins
  • we are not in control of our own destiny
    • causes us to not depend on Him and trust in Him with our whole lives
  • when we see Satan’s lies, don’t fight, just ignore because you know the truth
  • we need a BIBLICAL world view

1 Corinthians: we are not our own

  • we were bought with a price
  • we are fearfully and wonderfully made (we are not amazing, but our creator is)
  • creator gives worth to the creation
  • we think we are allowed to hate people, but NO, love covers a multitude of sins

2 thoughts on “Fighting the Good Fight | 02.14.16”

    1. Love is always greater than hate, and love is one of the foundations of Christianity. Sin makes us unacceptable to God, but because of His love and because of Christ’s love, we have been made acceptable. Because God loves us, he sent Jesus (who also loves us) on our behalf to die for our sins. That love covers all of our sins. So I suppose in the same way on earth, loving others is more powerful than hating others for their sins, because love will always triumph hate and sin.

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