The Preeminence of Christ | 02.07.16

Colossians 1:15-20

  • Why do we need Jesus in our lives (besides being forgiven of your sins)?
  • At the same level that we need Jesus to defend us in the face of God, we need Jesus right now
  • A church without Christ is no church at all
  • How evidently present is Jesus in our life?
  • faith should not be equaled with fun

#1 Because the fullness of God is in Christ

#2 Because the power of God is in Christ

#3 Because the completeness of Christians is in Christ

  • We reflect certain things about God
  • Jesus Christ defines and represents God purely
  • vague notions of God are clearly displayed through the life of Christ
  • we are able to know God and see God through Christ
  • Jesus Christ is above all powers (visible powers = government//positions of authority/invisible powers = slumber, depression, anxiety)
  • scientists can try and figure out how our universe came into existence
    • however, only Jesus knows WHY this universe came into existence
  • only Jesus can keep our lives together (He is the sustainer of life and this universe)
  • Jesus is the source of our lives
  • the further we move from Christ, the more our life begins to unravel
  • the well-being of a church is dependent on whether the people of the church look to God or not
  • pastor is like a UPS, only delivers the package (package = gospel, sender = God)

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