10.11.15 Favoritism Forbidden

James 2:1-13

  1. What is favoritism?
    1. preferential treatment based on our judgment–>we make judgments on whether or not someone is important purely based on their appearance (when you show partiality, you sin before God)
  2. Consequences of favoritism
    1. when we show favoritism, we are dividing up the church
    2. Do I show favoritism?
    3. How have I shown favoritism?
    4. When do I show favoritism?
    5. show MERCY in your judgments (so in spite of our judgments, we choose to show LOVE)
    6. if we don’t show mercy based on our judgments, God will not show mercy in His judgment of us
  3. Solutions to favoritism
    1. the only way we can fight favoritism is through the gospel (in reality, all of us are men and women of faith)



3 thoughts on “10.11.15 Favoritism Forbidden”

    1. I don’t have a 100% crystal clear answer to your question, but I would lean on the side that we are called NOT to judge, and rather to love others. I would say it goes under the umbrella of loving your neighbors as you love yourself. You may not think you love yourself, but I doubt you truly believe you are a bad person at heart, and you might attribute your more negative qualities to outside circumstances rather than to your sinful nature. In the same way, we should not let the qualities we dislike about someone define their character for us. This sermon was from two years ago, and I don’t have a thorough knowledge of the Bible to answer your question with confidence.

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