Romans 6:6-11

  • Jesus, through his death, removed the power of sin

#1 Power of Sin

#2 Putting of Sin to Death

#3 Slavery to Freedom

  • the power of sin is doing things you don’t want to do, and not doing things we want to do
  • desire to live a righteous life but lack the ability
  • we are enslaved to sin –> we were born into it
  • sin is our slave master
  • the slave master is always demanding your servitude, but is never satisfied
  • slave master robs you of your happiness
  • slave master (Sin) pulls you further and further away from God
  • every single one of us have different combinations of slave masters
  • cancer cells die with the death of the cancer patient
  • sin dies with the sinner it has been enslaving
  • Jesus took all the slave masters and drowned them to death in his own body on the cross
  • parallel to God drowning the slave masters chasing after the Israelites into the Red Sea
  • sometimes we are set free, but out of our desire, we return to our slave master
  • union with Christ: what Jesus Christ did on the cross, we reap the benefits of too (because we are in a union with him)
    • just like whatever money our parents make, we reap the benefits of

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