Why is it that our understanding of math becomes more complex as we get older, but our understanding of Christ has remained the same?

  • imputation of Christ’s righteousness: Christ lived for 30 years before he began his ministry to live perfectly so that he can impute (add on) his life into ours

What Jesus Accomplished Through His Death

  • if our knowledge of Christ is great, our appreciation and worship of him is great

#1 Substitutionary Atonement

  • atonement: making right the wrongs
  • Jesus Christ made right our wrongs by taking our place
  • expiation: removal of our sin and guilt (has to do with legal standing before God)
  • Jesus removed the guilt of our sins from us (in Him, we are justified before God)
  • propitiation: removal of God’s wrath from us and turning it into favor
    • satisfying the wrath of God so that it is subdued
  • Jesus cleared us legally, but God’s wrath still remained
  • propitiation deals with our relational standing with God
  • on that cross, Jesus absorbed the full wrath of God so that none remains on us
    • this is why Old Testament God is fearsome and terrifying
    • this is why New Testament God is loving and merciful
  • Jesus’ suffering was not from the beating or torturing or being hung on the cross (other Christian martyrs have died more painful deaths)
    • BUT, Jesus’ suffering came from having to receive God’s wrath
  • Hebrews 2:17, 1 John 4:10
  • redemption (adoption)
    • Jesus expiated and propitiated on our behalf so that he could redeem us
  • Matthew 20:28
  • Jesus brought us into the family of God