Mark 11:8-10, 14:22-25

  • Passion Week–the week between Palm Sunday and Easter
  • 2000 years ago today, Jesus entered Jerusalem
  • This Friday, Good Friday, Jesus had his last supper
  • Easter: Jesus is resurrected
  • Jesus came during the Passover (Jewish holiday–this was intentional)
  • Passover is a season of celebration
    • commemorate the day the Israelites were freed from slavery
  • Israelites did not fight for their independence; they were redeemed through God
  • name of Passover comes from the event when the Angel of Death “passed over” the houses with the blood of innocent lamb smeared over the wooden door frame (during the Plague of the Death of the Firstborn son)
  • the lamb was the atonement
  • if God didn’t send the Angel of Death, the following day, the houses marked with blood would face the wrath of Pharaoh (because the blood was a symbol of rebellion to Pharaoh)
    • therefore, this act was an act of immense faith
  • Passover meal has specific elements
    • lamb, wine, bread
    • but during Passover: wine=Jesus’ blood, bread=Jesus’ body, lamb (not on table but sitting their during the dinner)=Jesus himself
  • during the Last Supper, Jesus was showing his disciples that he was the lamb of this world
  • if we hide behind Jesus’ blood, the Angel of Death would also passover us (hide behind the cross)
  • lamb’s blood on wooden doorframe=Jesus’ blood on a wooden cross
  • salvation does not come by the intensity or quality of our faith, but by the blood of Christ