Easter Sunday | 03.27.16

  • what is the purpose of the resurrection of Jesus Christ?
    • to prove that Jesus is the Son of God
  • the reason why we go through spiritual rollercoasters is because we have an understanding of the crucifixion but not the resurrection
  • the crucifixion and the cross is only the beginning of our faith
  • we look no further than the cross -> we struggle in our faith
  • after the disciples witnessed the resurrection, they went out and transformed the world

Romans 6:1-14

#1 purpose of crucifixion

  • in Romans 6, he is explaining the purpose of the crucifixion and the resurrection (empty tomb)
  • salvation does not come with the crucifixion alone, it also comes with resurrection
  • we are not longer slaves to sin
  • one of the purposes was to put sin (its power) to death
  • the power of sin shapes the kind of person we become

#2 purpose of the resurrection

  • what David did on the field for the Israelites is comparable to what Jesus did on the cross for all of God’s people (He is our representative)
  • we must consider ourselves dead to sin and alive to God in Christ Jesus (which is why we cannot continue to sin despite being forgiven)
  • God set the Israelites free so that they may worship God
  • as long as we are under the power of sin, we are unable to worship God (this is what God is most concerned with)
  • our lives are the salt preserving this decaying would as the instruments of righteousness
  • Am I living my new life in God, for God?