The Importance of Community in Our Spiritual Growth | 01.31.16

Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

  • community helps us to not lose our motivation
  • nonnegotiable: the Word, prayer, community
  • the reason why we decline in our passion for God after a retreat/mission trip is because we are removed from a community

#1 Community: same interest and in the same circumstance

  • what is a Christian community?
    • a group that has Chris at the center of their lives (must have a shared DESIRE for God)
  • church can be a false assurance that you will grow in your Christian faith

#2 Why we join a community: two are better than one because if one falls, the other can lift him up

  • King Solomon (wisest man to walk the Earth) wrote Ecclesiastes
  • Satan divides us, then conquers us

#3 How to create a community:

  • sin kept in darkness will only grow like bacteria

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