Spiritual Fullness | 12.21.15

Psalm 119:25-32 (Psalm 119 is the longest chapter in the Bible!

  • the limitations of love are liberating
  • true fullness is not found in the absence of limitations, but found in the right limitations

#1 Life: “Give me life according to your word!”

  • maybe in our emptiness, we make self-destructive choices
  • God’s promise of fullness is in embracing His limitations
  • freedom is not the absence of restrictions, it is in the presence of the right restrictions, limitations that will unleash you to be who you are meant to be

#2 Design: “make me understand the ways of your precepts…”

  • all of us have got a way about us
  • look at the one who made you to find your way
  • God is not a dictator, He is a designer and we are His masterpieces
  • God’s design is not to make you boring, but to unleash you to the fullest form of life
  • because God is our designer, and created us with a way in mind, we should go to Him to find our way

#3 Freedom: “I will run in the way of your commandments…for you have set my heart free.”


  • the reward for discipline (focused limitations) is always freedom
    • ex: practice leads to muscle memory
  • we are spiritually training for life
  • ask to know God’s ways
  • God is giving us greater capacity to rejoice, to obey, to weep –> more you see Him –> more you love him –> more you see Him
  • as you turn away from the Word, your spiritual sensitivity shrinks, you tried to gain freedom by running away, but in doing so, you lose your ability to walk
  • every year we grow, we will find God bigger

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