An Experience Followed by Action | 12.27.15

Hebrews 10: 19-25

#1 Let us draw near

#2 Let us hold fast

#3 Let us consider how to sir up one another

  • even though we want to run to God, we can’t because our sin (guilt) holds us back
  • Jesus is like the tree, and we are His branches. If we are snapped off, we wither away and die. Jesus is our source of life.
  • draw near to God with the confidence that Jesus’ blood has cleansed away our sins
  • sin keeps us away from God, the cross draws us near to God
  • cling onto our faith –> “confession of our hope”
    • sins forgiven
    • sinners saved
    • God is faithful, even when we are not
    • God is doing the work of sanctification
  • don’t be of this world, but engage with it

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