Colossians 1:21-23

  • all things come into existence by Christ and for Christ
  • Christ holds all things together–the more we walk away from Him, the more our life begins to unravel
  • Christ displays God for us to see
  • He is the head of the church
  • He comes before all (preeminence of Christ)
  • the modern-day Christ has been watered-down –> very fragmented; we don’t believe that He has the power to move our lives
  • “I pray that Jesus will come to know Christ, that Buddhists will come to know Christ, that Muslims will come to know Christ, and that Christians will come to know Christ”


#1 condition of ourselves without Christ

#2 criteria that needs to be met to enter heaven

#3 works of Jesus Christ

  • when we are without Christ, we are alienated and hostile in mind
  • ripped apart from our Maker and condition to despise Him
  • we do evil deeds (the sins we repent are only the tip of the iceberg)
  • conditions to get into heaven: holy, blameless
  • all of us are infected with sin and live outside the walls of heaven (think of zombie movies and compounds)
  • Jesus Christ has the vaccines
  • Christ lived the life we were supposed to live, and died the death we were supposed to die
  • why was Christ born as an infant?
    • because the first 30 years of his life He lived holy, blameless and above reproach for us
  • forgiveness of our sins is not an entrance ticket into heaven
  • what happened on the cross is an exit ticket out of hell
  • a perfect life is the entrance ticket into heaven (which is why Jesus’ life substitutes ours)

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