Spiritual Dullness | 12.20.15

Hebrews 5:11-14

  • Spiritual dullness exposes our immaturity; the gospel invites us to grow up in grace
  • Spiritual dullness is a condition of the soul when your faith fails to move forward
  • I am not a Christian of 10 years of experience, I am a Christian of one year of experience repeated 10 times
  • 3 stages: the good of childish faith
    • trusting: the gift of experiential faith
    • tasting: the groans of maturing faith
    • training
  • I believed in the basis of testimony and authority (childlike faith)
    • dependence on God, humility, unselfconsciousness
    • be like a child, but not in every way
    • trust simply, but don’t trust with simplicity
    • childish faith is genuine but immature
  • the gift of experiential faith
    • milk with honey (milk=childlike faith, honey=reminder that you have tasted that the Lord is good)
    • move from simple trust to TASTE
    • even tasting by itself is not sufficient
    • when we experience God in immaturity our feelings are strong but our character is weak
    • God gives us this bottle of spiritual pleasure, and in our immaturity, we get attached to these things
    • oftentimes, we denigrate “spiritual high,” but we forget that it is a gift of God…HOWEVER, if we are not careful, the gift becomes more important than the Giver
    • feeling God is like a spiritual blanket
    • we want to feel past feelings (reject meat because it does not taste like milk)
    • if we only desire to feel intensity and have God’s presence right next to us, then our development has been stunted


  • we are fixated on tasting and do not fixate on God’s desire for our training
  • “Is this even real because it doesn’t feel the way it felt before?”
  • the TRUTH is that God is as close to you as HE has ever been
  • burden is a blessing
  • God is taking the bottle away –> the feelings that came so quickly begin to dry up –> when you read the Word you no longer get excited and through this God is showing you how much you desire the Word (which is not much)
  • don’t try to stir up artificial feelings
  • don’t give up, LOOK up
  • God is never doing nothing –> God shows you what is in your heart in seasons of dryness
  • training process is painful
  • move your desire for His presence to His PROMISE
  • whenever you doubt that He loves you, look to the cross as a bedrock (our proof irrespective of how we feel)
  • God, not good feelings
  • there are no shortcuts to maturity
  • it is constant and long training of saying no to sin and yes to God

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