Imitating Christ’s Humility | 12.21.15

Philippians 2:1-18

Life with Christ radically transforms the posture of your heart

#1 Our natural posture: CROOKED (2:14-15)

  • the pipes of our heart are crooked (pointed away from God and to our ourselves)
  • grumbling, complaining, rivalry come bubbling out –> you see people as competition (“Is she a threat to me?”)
  • we are obsessed with ourselves –> this causes boredom
  • sin is not just our there trying to get in, but it is also inside, trying to come out
  • deal with sin already in your heart
  • if you live in world where everyone is crooked, it seems normal to be crooked

#2 The New Shape: THE CROSS (2:3-11)

  • Jesus didn’t grasp, he gave
  • the way of the world is grasping; the way of Christ is giving
  • pagans prayed with their arms pointed up, Christians prayed in the shape of the cross –> offer ourselves as a cross, an offering (pray and sing this way)
  • a cross is not just something you wear, it is the shape of our lives

#3 How God Reshapes Us: THE GOSPEL (2:1, 12-13, 16)

  • as the Holy Spirit presses the cross deeper within us, the cross position comes outward
  • desire to bless, rather than to impress
  • Christ sets you free from trying to impress other people
  • as long as you are trying to impress someone, you cannot love that person



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