James 4:13-16

#1 What is James talking about?

  • as a newborn Christian, we must acknowledge God in all that we do
  • awareness of God in the equation of life
  • a true believer experiences a change in posture towards life

#2 Why should we have this posture towards Christ?

  • I do not know what tomorrow will bring
  • I am a mist that appears for a little time, then vanishes
  • I need to recognize my limitations and consult God
  • I am a flower quickly fading

#3 How do we trust God?

  • the person you trust has to be capable and care for you
  • even if a person has ability, if they aren’t willing to put you before themselves, you should not trust them
  • many of us don’t question God’s ability, but we do question His attentions
  • look no further than the cross
  • God is the Michael Jordan of life

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