James 4:11-12

Speaker: Philip Chung

defamation–attack on the reputation of someone (this is a sin done with a malicious intent)

  • we dismiss the sin of defamation because there are no serious penalties for it
  • TRUE CHRISTIAN: rejoice in the face of suffering, doers of the Word, does not show favoritism, controls the tongue, does not defame others, cares for the needy
  • it is a characteristic of wicked people to gossip
  • slander ultimately leads to conflict and hurt
  • the crucifixion of Jesus Christ happened because some people lie
  • Devil/Satan/Diablo (slanderer) = father of lies, false accuser of the children of God
  • when we lie, we take on the face of Satan (mask of Diablo)
  • what would JG look like if none of us spoke evil against other people?
  • when I feel evil coming up my throat, shut my lips and DO NOT SPEAK –> if anything, write it down so I never have to spread toxicity

#1 We need to change the way we view others –> view people as our brothers and sisters

  • God died for me? God died for that person too. You don’t like someone? There are people that don’t like you either.
  • Cain and Abel –> God asks Cain where his brother Abel is and Cain asks, “Am I my brother’s keeper?”
    • parallel: Luke 14 (Parable of the Prodigal Son) –> the elder refers to his brother as “your son” to his father, but his father reminds him that he is his brother

#2 We cannot judge the law. God is the only judge, His law is love codified. When we slander, we judge His law and deem it as unimportant.

#3 We need to change the way we view God. He is the ONLY lawgiver, the ONLY judge. Yet James says that this judge has the power to save AND the power to DESTROY. He has the power to send us to hell for the rest of eternity –> have I thought about this? We have to be afraid of the authority behind the law. Do I fear God? Stop taking God so lightly. He is my CREATOR; He is also my DESTROYER. Those who create also have the power to destroy.

#4 Change the way we view ourselves. Who am I to judge others? Am I that superior? Am I flawless to the point that I can point out other people’s flaws? If I want to “fix” others’ behaviors, I need to first become a holy role model myself.

*All of this comes from pride. God opposes the proud. We want to be on the receiving end of God’s love.

***Tell God instead of others, because He is the only One who cannot be influenced by our opinion. And then, as a true Christian, PRAY for this person.


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