Matthew 7:12

Context: Sermon on the Mount –> Jesus’ sermon –> v.12 is the beginning of the conclusion of His sermon

  • Jesus’ words were so shocking to the audience because the people had gone so far from God
  • Law and the Prophets=Old Testament
  • Majority (or all) give to others with some condition (even giving respect for respect in return)
  • minority give to others unconditionally
  • even faith is something God has given us (so faith is not a “condition” for salvation)
  • Matthew 5:17–> Jesus has already told us that He did not come to abolish the Law and the Prophets but to fulfill it (so he fulfills Matthew 7:12)
  • God is not asking for our guilt
    • guilt is not what compels us to love others
  • there is no “what if I don’t love myself” because the love we have received and give is the love of Christ
  • Confucius says “Do not impose on others what you do not wish for yourself”
  • Confucius came BEFORE Jesus
  • Did Jesus plagiarize? No.
  • To fulfill Confucian way, you do not have to do anything (as long as you keep to yourself, you are fine)
  • Jesus is not just saying “do not,” he is saying you must “do” to others –> acting out on your faith
  • just do our best because Jesus has already fulfilled it
  • not a law we necessarily have to keep, but a law we already have
  • God called a blind man to help Pastor Daniel see
  • What has God called me to do?
  • God can do anything and everything through us

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