11.15.15 Two Kinds of Wisdom/Submit Yourselves to God

#1 Profile of a genuine believer

  • stay strong in the face of hardship
  • not only listens to the Word, but acts upon it
  • no partiality
  • lives out the Word
  • controls his/her tongue
  • heavenly wisdom

#2 Wisdom is shown through conduct and not profound words | allows you to live completely reliant on God

  • wisdom starts through humility (fear of the Lord, understanding who we are in comparison to God)
  • true faith produces heavenly wisdom, and heavenly wisdom produces humility
  • a genuine believer is a PEACEMAKER
  • a genuine believer has heavenly wisdom

#3 Opposite of a genuine believer: Bitter jealousy and selfish ambition

  • stems from pride
  • we are so consumed with ourselves
  • wisdom that is earthly, unspiritual and demonic
  • make something of yourself –> creates a cutthroat environment
  • upset when other people are successful

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