James 1:26-27

  • Christianity is a religion: we also have instructions to which we live according to.
  • Christians do things because we have already received (our motivation is different from other religions) –> it is a response to Christ.
  • We love, because God first loved us.
  • As a mother has responsibilities since becoming a mother, Christians have responsibilities since the moment they believe in Christ.
  1. I am to control my tongue
  2. I am to care for the needy
  3. I am to cast out the worldliness in my life
  • The tongue reveals what is tucked away in our heart (reflection/mirror of the heart).
  • A true religion is a transformation that starts from the heart.
  • I am not a genuine believer if I use my words to bring others down.
  • A hallmark of a true Christian is to help those who cannot return the favor.
  • Satan lures us in with tiny licks of blood (he doesn’t spear us all at once).

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