Romans 12:4-8

“Husbands, love your wives as Christ loved the Church…” [outside quote]

  • if your wife says something stupid, rather than criticizing her on the spot, defender her and protect her –> in the same way, even if the Church embarrasses us or hurts us, we should still love it
  • Marry the church; don’t date the church
  • Someone who dates has a consumer mentality, can bounce around and be critical
  • The Church is not only the bride of Christ, but also the body of Christ

#1 We are all different

#2 We are one

#3 We are all uniquely gifted

  • If a body is made up of all the same members, is it really a body?
  • we are members of one another (you are not a member of an institution, but you are a member of the people)
  • think of Joshua Generation as a group of charter buses that can only move if all of us push

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