08.02.15 LOVE | be a neighbor at your inconvenience

Luke 10:25-37 (The Parable of the Good Samaritan)

  • If you’re not loving your neighbors, you do not love God
  • Love is the essence to the Christian faith
  • The way you love God is by loving the people around you (if you don’t, you become like a Pharisee)
  • counterfeit faith
  • How do we love other people?
  • WHAT: true love is an inconvenient love
  • the lawyer is testing Jesus and trying to justify who he shows love to and doesn’t show love to (“Who is my neighbor?”)
  • priest represents someone who should love God
  • Levite represents someone who was of the same nationality
  • The Samaritans experience racial hatred from the Jews
  • Jesus says, “go and do likewise” to show that there is no specific group that we are to love
  • HOW: with inconvenient love
  • WHY: God first did it for you

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