Retreat (Summer 2015)

Sunday Evening Sermon

{Coming Together to Experience Breakthrough Together}

  • God is calling us to come together by praying together
    • Jehoshaphat set his face on the LORD.
    • Praying is taking our spiritual eyes away from the situation and putting them on God, who is greater than our problems.

*Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire* –> prayer motivation

Monday Morning Sermon

{Breakthrough Prayer}

  • how to cultivate a life of prayer that allows for a breakthrough
    • pray with persistence
    • pray with confidence
      • (receives, finds, door opened)
      • we lack confidence because we doubt ourselves/God/prayer or we are scared
      • we tend to pray safe “just in case” prayers
      • if we pray without faith, our prayer has no power
      • “just in case” prayers go like: “Lord if it is your will”/”Lord if it is in accordance with your plans”
      • God wants audacious prayers
      • Pray with TRUST
      • parents want to give only the best things to their children…How much more would our Father in heaven want to give to us?
      • what we understand is best for us is different from what God understands is best for us

Monday Evening Sermon

{Breaking Through Unforgiveness}

*The Porcupine’s Dilemma*

–> How do you get close together without hurting each other?

Conflict is an inevitable part of relationships/life. It’s not how you avoid them; it’s how you resolve them (through forgiveness).

  1. God calls us to forgive others because He has graciously forgiven us (forgiveness should be unlimited)

  • like the servant, we have an unsurmountable debt to our king
  • God not only canceled our debt, but also put righteousness in our account (The Great Exchange)
  • we are not only debt free; we are rich with righteousness in Christ
  • forgiven people know how to forgive

2. To forgive someone means that we cancel their debt and release them from the wrong that they did

[love keeps no record of wrongs… 1 Corinthians 13:5]

  • you may not be able to forget, but you will be able to forgive
  • scars= when it was an open wound, it hurt. But as it healed, when you touch it, it doesn’t hurt anymore.

3. The result of unforgiveness is BONDAGE

  • when you don’t forgive someone, you not only put someone else in bondage, but you put yourself in bondage
  • anger is a form of bondage
    • it gives the devil a foothold/stronghold in your life

Tuesday Morning Sermon

{Breaking Through Failure}

  1. Jesus reaches out to us in the place of failure because he desires to restore us.
    1. Jesus appeared again to his disciples by the Sea of Tiberius
    2. “I’m going out to fish,” Simon Peter told them
    3. Previously, Simon Peter was a fisherman when Jesus told him to stop fishing to fish, and to start fishing for men.
    4. Simon Peter failed Jesus by denying him three times –> after he failed, he returned to his old ways of fishing for fish.
    5. Jesus meets Peter at the same lake he met him previously (Jesus meets you at your place of failure)
    6. v.4–Jesus is watching Peter as he fishes –> his gaze never leaves us even when we fail
  2. Repentance paves the way for true restoration
    1. v.7–Peter becomes undone before Jesus (took off his outer garments–in order for us to truly experience repentance is to come undone before Christ)
    2. Peter leaves his boat (the boat signifies his previous way of life–by jumping off, Peter leaves his old way of life)
    3. Peter goes straight to Jesus
    4. Jesus doesn’t just restore us–he also redeems us from our failures for his glory
    5. Jesus asks Peter three times if he loves him
      1. Jesus did this to redeem Peter from his failures
      2. He recommissions/reinstates Peter back to the job of taking care of his “sheep”
      3. Feed my lambs/Take care of my sheep/Feed my sheep
    6. Acts 2:38–Peter calls a crowd to repent
    7. Simon Peter is a trophy of grace
    8. There is no disappointment that God cannot overcome and use for His glory

Tuesday Evening Sermon

{Breakthrough in Purity}

Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Eyes Pure

  1. If your eyes are compromised, they hinder us from seeing, experiencing and knowing God.
    1. John 4:24–God is spirit.
    3. If we are inundated with dark images to our physical eyes, then our hearts and bodies become full of darkness.
    4. When light comes into your hear, your heart will be exposed.
  2. If you don’t, your eyes will become a gateway for other forms of sexual immorality/sin
    1. Lust works the same way as gateway drugs (it starts small/seemingly harmless)
    2. It can destroy everything you hold precious
    3. The Bible says there must not even be the smallest hint of sexual immorality in your life
  3. Allows the enemy to establish strongholds in our hearts/minds
    1. You let Satan in through your eyes

How Strongholds Work:


How to Get Your Eyesight Back:

  1. Repent–come undone before Jesus
  2. Make a Covenant–not only make a covenant with God, but also in a covenant with others to keep you accountable
  3. Be in the Word–when the light of His Word comes in, darkness flees



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