5.24.15 *Heaven

What is the new Earth like?

Revelation 21: 1-4 https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Revelation+21%3A1-4

  • The thought of God and being with Him forever does not excite us (gut reaction is negative).
  • *Flow of the Redemptive Story: God creates the world which is very good, but then men rebel, and sin/death/corruption follow
  • Jesus comes in as the Redeemer (we live in this age of human history) and perfection is achieved.
  • Through Abraham, God creates a nation (Israel) which is why He favors it.
  • Satan has swapped his doing/our doing with the doing of God (we rarely praise God for the good things, but we always blame Him for the bad things).
  • Our relationship with God is not only of parent and child, but also of husband and wife.

Love, Galbi


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