5.10.15 *Heaven

Where do we go when we die? sorry, no passage link for this

  • The current understanding of heaven is not appealing (24/7 worship?–>endless boring tedium)
  • Life without a goal is life without a purpose
  • “The kingdom of heaven is at hand.”
  • If our minds are not set on heaven, we won’t live life on Earth according to what God wants
  • Heaven: dwelling place of God
  • The difference between “house” and “home” is who resides there
  • A heaven without God is no heaven at all.
  • We tend to see God as a killjoy
  • What makes our heart melt? What restores our faith in humanity? All these things were created by God. God created excitement, happiness, and pleasure. There is a present (temporary) heaven and a future (permanent) heaven.
  • When we die right now, we go to present heaven first. When you are in present heaven, you are cognizant of everything you did in your life.
  • Paradise is synonymous to present heaven
  • Martyrs have a special place in heaven
  • Martyrs can speak to God and request things

I feel bad that I cannot provide you with a passage that’ll offer context to what I am saying, below is a song from an album that carried me through the lowest points of my junior year (remind me to tell you about that if you are curious– it’ll take a while to explain and it’s a bit complicated and heavy so probably better for a one-on-one when we have a lot of time)

Love, Galbi


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