• Romans 5:2-11
  • pattern of Jews turning away from God–> being exiled and put in captivity–> rescued & redeemed
  • it is like this until Christ’s birth, & afterwards, God did not speak through prophets (like Daniel, Jeremiah, Elijah, Isaiah, Malacchi) for 400 years
  • Justification: being justified through faith opens the door for reconciliation (we are now sons & daughters of God)
  • hope is defined by the very love of God through his son’s crucifixion & resurrection
  • God sent down Jesus when we were still sinners, still powerless.
  • Romans 5 helps us understand where we stand right now, and where we will stand in the future.
  • God wishes for you to have hope in this passage
  • Jesus always puts himself second to others, & proved that love is an action, not just a feeling.
  • Our lives do not only constitute our time on Earth.

Love, Galbi


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