3.29.15 Palm Sunday

  • Mark 14:12-16, 22-25
  • The Lord’s Supper
  • Passion Week= last week of Jesus’s life
  • “Hosanna”= “save us”
  • Unless you know the story behind the holiday, the holiday becomes meaningless


  • Joseph becomes 2nd in command of Egypt during the famine–> his family multiplies into tens of thousands–> 400 years later, the new Pharaoh feels threatened by the huge Israelite family and makes them all slaves
  • the 10 plagues each represented one of the idols that the Israelites and Egyptians worshiped
  • atonement sacrifice= substitution of an innocent life for a guilty life.
  • “Passover” comes from the Angel of Death “passing over” the homes with blood painted on their door frames (which is why Jews celebrate the Passover)
  • when Jesus got to “cup three” of the Passover feast, He went off script

Love, Galbi


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